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Domain History for Un-learning.org website

By Hannah Rush

About Un-learning.org website

Un-learning.org is a website where you can find book reviews, read articles about certain religions, blogs about Christianity, and bookselling. The website’s gold is to hold open discussions about moral and religious standpoints. On it, you will encounter a certain group called BadChristian whose purpose is to broaden their reader’s curiosity and creativity about certain topics. Visit Attorney News Today for more related articles.

Services on the Un-learning website

The website hosts a variety of blogs, articles, and books written by the group known as BadChristian, among other things. Specifically, the group seeks to liberate any person, community, or organization that has been oppressed in terms of questioning, curiosity, and innovation.

On the landing page, you can read and follow their blogs that are listed below:

  • Book Review By A BadChristian Reader (A BadChristian reader shares his thoughts on our forthcoming book, BadChristian Great Savior).
  • We wrote a book. It is totally scary, totally ugly, and it is totally true.
  • Let’s Tell the WHOLE Story about the Church
  • Steven Furtick’s House (Joey vs. Toby)
  • You Might Be A Bad Evangelist If…
  • Yo, That Junk’s Just COLD, Bro! (including an official statement)
  • Pro-Church and Damn Proud
  • What the Hell is a Blessing, Anyway?

The website also has an “about” section, which provides further information and facts on the un-learning website’s mission and objectives. You may also discover some information on the website’s creators, Joey Svendsen, Matt Carter, and Toby Morrell, in the About section. The website contains information about their personal lives, as well as links to their social media profiles, should you like to learn more about them and follow their activities. People can add comments or remarks below their personal information on the individual section page of their website.

If you wish to become a subscriber to their website and receive notifications when they publish new content, they offer a form on the right side of the page. You must fill out the form with only your email address and then click on the subscribe button. In addition, the search field for the categories may be found here. This will make it easier for you to find the category you’re looking for. Additionally, they have a sample of what they are tweeting on their Twitter account in real-time on the same side of the page. Then there’s a section where you can view their most recent post, which is farther down.

There is also a Purpose section, which may be found beneath the About section, which will give information about the website’s goals and objectives. In accordance with their website, their goal is to urge individuals of all ages to rethink some of the things that they have always believed or have been told are correct. It also states that they enjoy making light of things and having a good time talking about nothing.

They also have a FAQ section, which includes answers to some questions like:

  • Why do you think anyone would want to listen to you guys?
  • Why do you allow anyone to have a voice on your blog?
  • Do you promote arguing?
  • What do you not allow on your blog?

There is also a video section on the Un-learning website. Seacoast Church’s video titled “All Staff Message – Breaking the Sound Barrier” is shown in the video player on the website. In addition to that, there existed the Link section, which allows readers to see links to information regarding the issues that are discussed on the website.

Lastly, they have a contact section, which will help you to contact them in case you have messages or inquiries. When you click the contact us, the basic contact form will open. You must fill up your name (first and last name), phone, email, and question or comment. Under the contact us section, you can also click the feedback link, this link is dedicated to the feedback you want to tell the site admins. Lastly, the question field, also provide this separated form for questions you want them to tackle on their website.

History of the Un-learning Website

In 2013, Un-learning was rebooted as BadChristian. In addition to being a blog, BadChristian also serves as a podcast where the three host discussions. The hosts are Toby Morrell, Matt Carter, and their friend, pastor, and former Emery bassist Joey Svendsen.

BadChristian was originally a Christian band called Emery that was founded in South Carolina. After succeeding in their world tour for 15 years, the band was inspired with a new perspective on life and now they share their thoughts about creativity, spread their curiosity along with their fans, and entertain them as well with humor and with their talents. Up to this day, they claimed to be development-focused dads, who have worked hard to overcome groupthink, make positive changes in their lives, and never take themselves seriously.

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